SessionClient Reference

class pyqldb.communication.session_client.SessionClient(ledger_name, token, client, session_id)[source]

A class representing an independent session to a QLDB ledger that handles endpoint requests. This class is used in pyqldb.driver.qldb_driver.QldbDriver and pyqldb.session.qldb_session.QldbSession. This class is not meant to be used directly by developers.

  • ledger_name (str) – The QLDB ledger name.

  • token (str) – The initial session token representing the session connection.


The low level service client.


The session ID.

property client

The read-only low level service client.

property id

The read-only ID of this session.

property ledger_name

The read-only ledger name.

property token

The read-only token.